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Friday, March 5, 2010

Older Birds, on Fifth Avenue

Odd couple, NYC
Photo by myself on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, in Midtown.

A couple walked down the sidewalk, Thursday near the New York Public Library. Mark looked at my photo and said, 'That guy doesn't look too happy.'

Thursday, we had the briefest glimmer of something that could be termed 'almost Spring'. It was definitely not warm outside, but just warm enough that I could walk around without a jacket.

Most people were out in their winter gear but they were a tad more spritely than usual. Hooray for that.

Confronting Reality on TV, There's a Moon Out Tonight and Step Lively.


Leif Hagen said...

I don't think Barbara and Stanley are so odd! Nice portrait of them!

Kitty said...

Ha Leif. I agree, they could be much more strange looking.

Last night they looked funny to me. The woman reminded me of a Gary Larson (Far Side) cartoon.

Reluctant Blogger said...

I think he is just thinking hard. I often frown when I am thinking and walking.

It has been springlike here too. I sat outside and ate my lunch again today and basked a bit.

Washington said...

Hi Kitty!
I think that it is pretty natural that after decades of marriage, a couple no longer have much need to continuously express their affection in public, even walking hand in hand, and it does not necessarily mean that they don't love each other any more.
By the way, did you see the movie "New York I love you"? The short story of an old couple that I told you, exemplifies what I said above.

Paz said...

Neither of them look happy. I hope they have a better weekend. ;-)

It's a beautiful day today, Friday. No more snow hills to climb over just to walk the dog or get to the other side of the street. ;-)


Benikos place said...

have a nice weekend :)

ChickenUnderwear said...

She picked out his clothes.

Fashion Schlub said...

it's supposed to be STUNNINGLY springlike tomorrow, near fifty!!! i, of course, will be indoors ALL DAY with a photo shoot...but Caleb will be enjoying the weather in the backyard...

Kitty said...

Ha, you're probably right. I read too much into peoples' faces.

Basking sounds lovely. We're not to the basking level yet and I cannot wait!

Hi Washington
I'd love to see that movie! We'll put it on our Netflicks queue. It sounds great. Thanks for the recommendation!

Ha Paz!
It's remarkable how quickly the snow comes and goes. I'm sure we'll be missing it soon, when it gets all hot and humid.

Thanks Benikos! Same to you!

Ha Chicken.
You always seem to see through to the heart of the matter.

Hello MissB!
Well, I hope the shoot turns out well. I'm sure it will.

There's loads of sunshine streaming in this morning. I'm looking forward to a lovely day!