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Monday, March 8, 2010

Waiting for the Train, at Atlantic Pacific Streets, Brooklyn

Subway Platform, Brooklyn
Photo by myself at the Atlantic/Pacific subway station, in Brooklyn.

A photo during a typical morning commute.

The crowd at this major subway hub in Brooklyn is generally laid back. Other subway stations might be packed with people in suits, reading the Wall Street Journal.

Many people bring magazines, books and electronic books for their commute. Some play games on their phones or listen to music. Others actually put pencil to paper for Soduku or crosswords.

Many commuters take naps. A handful of people chit chat. The latter is generally verboten. It's an unspoken law among New Yorkers that you not speak loudly on the subway, especially in the morning.

The subways are everyone's living room, and who wants to listen to your conversation when they're struggling to wake up? Nobody!

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Mama J said...

Hai, first thing in the monday morning is search great blog with blog post and your blog is great blog to start monday morning work. Keep posting great picture

dianasfaria.com said...

my husband says the same thing about the LIRR during rush hour.
Nice photograph Kitty.

Joanne said...

Yet again a great shot, I love the reality of them...:)

Pat said...

Subway scenes are universal. I love sneaking shots there, though.

But two of those people are soooo close to the track...makes me nervous.

Luis Pérez said...

Great capture!