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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Graffiti Gets Physical, on St. Mark's Place

Vintage Store, East Village
Photo by myself in the East Village, around St. Mark's Place and 1st Avenue.

It's been a beautiful Spring weekend here in New York. People crowded the sidewalks Saturday for brunch and strolling about. Birdsong was in the air. Every street was graced with many green and pink flowering trees, and sneezing people.

St. Mark's Place is a street that runs east-west through the East Village. It is incredibly rich in content. Different restaurants and stores are located there, with the most touristy strip between Second and Third Avenue. This street was the first to show 'graffiti art' in a gallery setting. It has also been home to many artists and musicians.

The tiny vintage clothing store pictured above was featured on an old Led Zeppelin album called Physical Graffiti. It is just one of the colorful nooks and crannies on this popular street.

It seems that each building on this block has a story. For a detailed run down, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing how some things get picked.

Fashion Schlub said...

ooh, looks like a fun place! will have to make a trip in :-)

everywhere I go and see Boston Terriers (and I see LOTS!), I think "is that Kitty at the other end of the leash??" Ha.

Leslie said...

We stopped by St. Mark's last Sunday and so enjoyed Cafe Mogador...the street scene is something I would love to return to.

Lori said...

Will have to check this out next time we're there. Even with a solid month to explore, it's amazing how much of the city I missed.

elsie said...

with that awesome storefront - It would be impossible for me to resist having a peek!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool that each building has a story. ;-) I like all the colors here.