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Thursday, April 8, 2010

On Guard Below Grand Central

Standing guard, below Grand Central
Photo by myself inside Grand Central terminal, in Midtown.

The rush of commuters at catching trains every late afternoon is a thrilling sight. Below the main terminal, exits lead to trains heading to Connecticut and upstate New York.

I'm not sure why some of the exits were being guarded by what looks like the National Guard. It's also curious why the National Guard wore camouflage gear, when all around are NOT trees, grasses or brush, but buildings and people. Strange!

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Olivier said...

impressionnant, on a envie de se faire tout petit

PJ Taylor said...

Camouflage gear certainly seem rather unsuitable for Grand Central Station, but actually, while not exactly invisible, they do blend in quite well to that marble wall!

Anonymous said...

I suspect the uniforms are their standard dress and that's all they had. They look out of place. Like a television set in the frying pan on the new gas range in the kitchen.

Enjoy this day. It was your future yesterday.

Leif Hagen said...

I think Sergeant Smith looks sleeping enough to fall over! Maybe if they had clothes with little trains on them, then they'll "blend" in better, non?

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!

True, you really have to do a double take to see these fellows. At least they're not wearing red, lol

Hi Abraham
Good point, as always.
I hope you have a lovely day today!

Ha, Leif
In that case, they'd be wearing little boy PJs. lol.

ChickenUnderwear said...

They don't make me feel any safer. Not a bit.

Ken Mac said...

ha, they look totally asleep. Typical

Anonymous said...

Funny about the camouflage gear. I guess they DO want to be seen. Don't want to blend in. The guards are visible at Penn Station, too.