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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On Crowds and the Commute, in Midtown

Crowd in Midtown
Photo by myself in Midtown.

Most New Yorkers catch a subway or bus home to other parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. A select few will then take a ferry over the water to Staten Island or the suspended tram to Roosevelt Island.

Those living further away take buses or trains to New Jersey, Connecticut or upstate New York. Some folks commute one or two hours in each direction.

The real minority walks to work. I mean, they walk down streets, across avenues, and not just to a subway stop. They hoof it.

Some do it for the exercise. Some walk because there isn't a convenient subway or bus route. Others walk because it's the least expensive commute of all.

These lucky few are to be envied. They walk, come rain or shine, or even ride their bikes. (I have yet to encounter sled dogs!)

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frankdejol said...

Good, dynamic picture of street life.
And as usual, an excellent description.

Lou said...

Another great picture- really captures the hussle of the streets. With pictures of people, i always wonder what they were thinking at that exact moment. I love it. :)

Washington said...

Hi Kitty.
Nice framed and focused picture. Which camera and lens are you using?

Robert said...

Nice picture! Just wanna say, I think you could get some nice pic's at Battery Park City, that's a great place for some nice shot's!

P.S.: thanks Kitty, for alway's answering my comment's/questions :) I appreciate that!

dianasfaria.com said...

Love this!
& that man in the blue shirt looks so familiar.

Ken Mac said...

oh those handsome new yorkers...

Anonymous said...

What a dynamic photography. Have to admit that I reach most of my lessons on foot, and rarely take the Tram. With at least six months of "good weather" it is sometimes a nice walk, yet with 90F even in the month of May, the heat can become a challenge.
Please have a nice Wednesday.

daily athens

Monica said...

It must be nice to walk to work. I had that luxury once, but only briefly. Love your blog!

Kitty said...

Thanks Frank! Love your photos!

Hi Lou
I'm the same way. I love seeing peoples' expressions. It's really astonishing to realize just how many people are out there. Endless, really.

Hi Washington
This photo is from my stash. I used my Canon 40D and a lovely Canon lens, the 17-55 mm EF. It's a great camera but a little too heavy for everyday use for me.

I wish I could tote it everywhere. Maybe I should start lifting weights?

Hi Robert
Oh I remember your mentioning Battery Park City. I have mixed feelings about the area.

The park is nice, but the buildings lack character. We will probably visit the park very soon (Rupert had a grand time trotting around near the water). I'll let you know when I post something!

Thanks Lily
I feel like I know all these folks, too. Isn't that strange?

Ha Ken!

Hi ρομπερτ
Oh my, that's very hot. I can imagine that Athens gets that hot. Is it humid though? The humidity makes a huge difference.

Unfortunately it can become very humid here. Not like the tropics, but enough to make walking about a chore.

Thanks Monica
Ah, you're one of the lucky minority!

Pat said...

When I worked in Paris, I walked everywhere. I still like to walk, and would walk to work now if it did not involve crossing a major river with narrow sidewalks. I like this very typical shot.

Fredrik said...

I agree with all the rest. So dynamic!