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Monday, May 17, 2010

Strike up the Band, in Washington Square Park

Street Musicians, Washington Square
Photo by myself in Washington Square Park, in the Village.

A folky group of musicians played, while their tattooed lead singer belted out a song.


We've had a beautiful weekend here in New York, the kind that's sunny and breezy and perfect.

Just about everyone was walking outside enjoying the air. All the restaurants and stores had their doors and windows flung open, so as you walked, you could see a hundred different worlds going on.

I wish every day could follow suit, but alas, we're New York and not California! The typical summer weather here is hotter and humid.

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Olivier said...

de beaux tatouages sur la demoiselle

elsie said...

I am mesmerized by that girls arm...

Robert said...

"It's a passion"!

Pat said...

What a tattoo...I would love to listen to the group.
Our weekend was RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, and it is predicted thru the end of May. Oh...

Washington said...

Hi Kitty. Great picture. The singer is really something!

Hot and humid!! I think we will melt!

dianasfaria.com said...

such a great "NY Portrait" Kitty!

Ken Mac said...

nice saxophone...:)

Joanne said...

Sun is without a doubt the best therapy:)) I love it...

Anonymous said...

With nearly 90F during midday more than understood. Wearing a bit of ink myself, I hope that the music at least was good.
Please have a nice Tuesday.

daily athens

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
Yes it's striking isn't it? I think because she's wearing a dress and is feminine. It's the contrast that gets you.

Hi Elsiee
Me too! I have to wonder if those are tattoos on her face?!

Thanks Robert!

Hi Bibi
I commiserate with your constant rain. At least the plants will do well, right? But for another two weeks??!

Hi Washington
Yes, I fear the humidity will hugely impact how much you can see or do each day. Do take it easy, your itinerary is challenging. Hopefully it won't be so bad this year...it truly fluctuates.

Thanks Lily!

Ha Ken
There ain't no sax! You mean the tuba?!

Hi Joanne
Thanks for tuning in so often despite your incredible travels. I am envious of you!

Hello ρομπερτ
The music was very good, actually. Almost better than these folks looked!