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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweet Dreams at Economy Candy, Downtown

Economy Candy, Lower East Side
Photo by myself outside Economy Candy, at Rivington and Essex Streets, on the Lower East Side.

This one-room store is chock full of candies from floor to ceiling.

Tucked away in the Lower East Side, the walls of Economy Candy are decorated floor to ceiling with gummies, huge lollipops, giant Pez dispensers, jellybeans and chocolates.

Have an itch for candy buttons or a weakness for gummy cola bottles? Or do you prefer gummy sharks and chocolate nonpareils? This store even has chocolate covered gummy bears, thereby solving two cravings at the same time! Take that!

Enter only if your willpower can handle it.

For the Economy Candy online store, click here.

Economy Candy, Lower East Side

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Olivier said...

une boutique de rêve ;o))

Peter said...

yum, looks a sweet spot.

Pat said...

Do they have root beer barrels? I love those! And is the kitty 'on' the door inside or outside. I think out.

Anonymous said...

Way too alluring to pass without tasting and forgetting about crisis and interest rate. Interesting name indeed. Please have a nice Thursday.

daily athens

Coosbay said...

Thanks for nice photos everyday! I arrived at NY now and will be here for next 4 weeks. I may see you somewhere while I am walking around the city. I also created my photoblog, "Tokyo Portraits", named referring to this site.

Robert said...

1. I could "live" here haha.
2. Now a days you won't find it just everywhere!
3. As usual... great pic Kitty! :)

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
I agree. I didn't find a lot of kids inside though, all adults, which I thought funny!

Thanks Peter!

Hi Bibi
I think they do have those root beer things. Their website is chock full of familiar oldies.

The cat is on the door because no dogs are allowed, lol.

Hi ρομπερτ
I absolutely agree. It's the perfect antidote to the crisis in the 'other' economy.

Hi Coosbay!
Ah, I'm glad you've made it here already. Wow that was fast. I hope Bali was as beautiful as I hear it is.

Have an incredible time while you're here. I hope to see photos of your trip!

Ha thanks Robert
Not sure they will allow you to move in but it's worth a try asking. ;-)

Louis la Vache said...

What a find!
(But chocolate covered gummy bears?!)

Neat reflection of the cat - craving chocolate, no doubt!

valeria said...

Very nice! And I like the cat in the reflection!