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Thursday, June 3, 2010

On Singing Groups and the Current Vibe

Street Musicians, SoHo NYC
Photo by myself in SoHo, around Prince and Greene Streets.

A spirited singing group drew a happy crowd. When the weather is nice, there's a whole lot of music going on.


Not much to report here, except that the economic situation is still mixed.

One of my friends who had been out of work for over a year finally got a job. But then another friend, who has a stay-at-home wife, children and a mortgage, was suddenly laid off.

The friend now out of work consulted headhunters, who say there are many more jobs available than last year. So there is some hope.

My profession has been affected quite a bit. Fear grips those planning to renovate their apartments. Owners are incessantly concerned about resale value, and don't want to invest too much money. People are spending about half as much as they usually do, but then they still want it all.

It's too bad - it's become all about money rather than the enjoyment of their own home. When dealing with contractors during the negotiation process, I feel more like a real estate broker than an architect. Wheeling and dealing, that kind of thing.

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Laura Cousins said...

I, as you can imagine, LOVE this picture. :-D

The economic downturn and consequent slump in the housing market over here seems to encourage people to improve the house they are living in now, rather than go looking for a better one or a bigger one. Tradesmen and craftsmen are pretty busy .. but I am not certain how many of them are working under the auspices of a proper architect. :-(

Washington said...

Very nice picture.

Sorry to hear about your friend. What a dreadful situation. That is a something that every person who has a family depending upon him must fear. I hope he will soon find a way out of this.

Pat said...

Yes, it is too bad about the 'money' thing. Few people take the time to appreciate life, like the happy crew in your photo.

Mike said...

I listen to music every day. It is the best.