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Monday, June 28, 2010

Waiting, in Alphabet City

Storefront, Alphabet City
Photo by myself, somewhere in Alphabet City.

A woman waited for a bus outside a health food kiosk, recently.

Outside a neighboring store, recyclables waited for a Monday morning trash pick-up. Otherwise, the sidewalk is very tidy.

Once a week, garbage trucks come by to pick up cardboard and recyclables (metals and certain types of plastic). Not much going on, but I liked the amount of blue in this image.

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Ken Mac said...

maybe she could pitch in and do something bout the trash!

Kitty said...

ha, Ken!

Olivier said...

une touriste pedu dans Alphabet City, on a l'impression de la rencontre de deux mondes, le nouveau Alphabet City et celui des années 1970/80

Anonymous said...

It was the painter Matisse who already knew that blue enters the soul, nicely set in scene by your photography - and yes, if possible I would love to try a plate of that Chili. Please have a great Wednesday.

daily athens

Eve said...

I really like this picture, I think it's because of the blue as well.