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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Before a Tour, Pedicab Style

Pedicab, Central Park
Photo by myself in Central Park.

A pedicab driver gave his customers a little face time before embarking. When the pedicab is in motion, it's hard for customers to hear the driver.


We are in for an absolute scorcher today, with highs near 100F. With the bright sun and humidity, it's supposed to feel like it's 105F.

In such weather, I'm not sure I could ever sit in a pedicab being pulled by someone, even if he is doing it for money. By the way, I have only seen male pedicab drivers. If I ever see a female driver, I certainly will stop and take a photo!

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Luis Gomez said...

These guys are great! I have seen some girls in DC. I will take picture as well if I see one.

matt said...

wow! that's quite a load to pull in this heat.Tough guy even with gears!

elsie said...

I'm with Matt, i always feel a little worse for pedi cab drivers when the passengers are above average... kinda mean I know!

Joanne said...

Poor guy!! Imagine cycling that weight around....!

Pat said...

That's quite a load for this heat. Good exercise, but still!

Margaret Gosden said...

That one didn't have a shade, I notice! That is a
necessity for this kind of weather!

Olivier said...

par ce temps si chaud, cela ne doit pas etre evident à faire comme metier.... mais sinon c'est sympa de faire un tour en pedicab

Fredrik said...

Nice capture! Over here that's a job for kids.
Hope it cools down in the Apple.

Kitty said...

Hi Luis,
I'd love to see female pedicab drivers in action. I bet it is very hard work.

Hi Matt,
These drivers are incredible. You see them zipping around everywhere like it's nothing to pull a couple other people along with your own weight.

Hi Elsiee and Joanne
Ha, I didn't even notice how big the guy was. lol.

Hi Bibi
I suppose it's a very quick way to become very very fit?!

Hi Margaret
True! The shade matters. It's funny how different the pedicabs are. This one is more elongated. There is no set standard.

Hi Olivier
Very true. No A/C in this cab, lol.

Hi Fredrik
Yeah I suppose there is an age limit to this line of work. No good if you have heart trouble. ;-)