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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On the Picket Line and Surviving the Heat

Picket Line, Chelsea
Photo by myself around 28th and 10th Streets, in Chelsea.

Members of a construction crew blew their whistles wildly, picketing a job site in Chelsea. I assume the workers were trying to unionize.


What was particularly remarkable was how cool these guys looked. Already by 9am it was in near 90 degrees Fahrenheit, brightly sunny with high humidity. It was beyond hot. It was sweltering, punishing and extreme.

By 9 in the evening, after getting above 100 degrees during the day, it was still stifling. Walking on the sidewalk, people welcomed any relief to the smothering air. It was unhealthy for the elderly to be outside.

Some tips for surviving this heat:
1. Never get on an empty subway car. Forget about it. Most likely, the air conditioning is broken and you'll be sitting there sweating, wishing you were on the subway platform, where at least the passing trains would bring some relief.

2. If visiting New York, bring a couple plastic bottles. Fill them 3/4 way with water at night, leave them in the fridge uncovered. Voila, a frozen water bottle that melts as you walk around. Stay hydrated. Stay cool.

3. Don't overdo it. All too often people faint from the heat. Good thing is, should you faint, don't worry. You won't wake up with your pockets picked. New Yorkers are good people and will rush to your aid.

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Olivier said...

que de bon conseil, ne supportant pas le chaleur, je crois que c'est la seule epoque de l'année ou j'ai pas envie d'aller a NYC ;o)

Unknown said...

Thank you for the advice, but even in these conditions I give a lot to be in New York. When I think of all those pictures that I could take... I'm dreaming

Washington said...

Hi Kitty!

Tks fot the tips! Next week I will live that myself! We will walk every district of NYC and the subway will play an important role on our plans.

Ken said...

Hi Kitty, Great tips. It is hot here in Chicago too! Nice capture of the tension filled scene above.

dianasfaria.com said...

I like what you said about New Yorkers!
Despite this wicked heat this is a cool photo Kitty.

Joanne said...

I heard today on the radio that New York had broken its record high, 39ºC.... here it has been sooooo hot also about the same as you. To hot to work great to be on the beach, which isn't the case:)))

Anonymous said...

After read your blog i wish i come new york as soon as possible.