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Monday, July 12, 2010

Singing for Supper, in Washington Square Park

Singing in Washington Square Park
Photo by myself, below the arch in Washington Square Park.

It was brightly, painfully sunny and hot on Sunday. These wonderful singers donned sunglasses so they could sing in relative comfort.

Street singers often animate their acts with hand gestures, shout-outs and poses. It's not enough just to stand there and sing. Singers need to cajole their audience to give up their hard-earned cash.

Most sane New Yorkers were inside or out of town, because of the intense heat. There was barely a breeze. I was silly enough to go shoe shopping and wound up walking around in circles, delirious and sweating. Oh, what we ladies do in the name of fashion!

Happy week, everyone!

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Olivier said...

beau b&w pour ce concert de rue

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Great photo as usual Kitty. I stayed inside the entire weekend with the AC blasting. It was lovely. I can't wait for autumn ;-)

Eve said...

I like the finger snapper. :D

Lou said...

This is what i love about New York. On one corner you have someone player guitar. Reach another block and there's a group singing. Love it.

Ken Mac said...

oh no not the doo woppers or the guys doing "My Girl" for the 100th time....!

Anonymous said...

This used to be quite commmon all around. I guess more so in the larger cities, but here where I live people played for money or spare change. Times are tough everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Street entertainment is always cheerful and often amazingly talented. I like the action photo. Thanks, Kitty!