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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

City Portraits - Coney Island, Brooklyn

Flight, for an instant
Photo by myself at Luna Park, in Coney Island.

Coney Island in Brooklyn, has been New York City's playground since the late 1800's. Folks were enjoying the last dregs of summer there this holiday weekend. Mark, Rupert and I took a quick tour around. It was very sunny and wonderfully breezy.

Luna Park is the main amusement park there, next to a stretch of boardwalk and the beach. The boardwalk is known for hosting the Mermaid Parade, a public costumed event each summer. All sorts of characters and families frequent the area.

The Boardwalk, Coney Island
A glimpse of the boardwalk, where you can always find interesting people.

In Line at Nathan's, Coney Island
Nathan's hotdogs are required eating at Coney Island. Lines are typical.

The Boardwalk, Coney Island
Old fashioned, hand lettered signs decorate booths that have been there for years.

The Boardwalk, Coney Island
Loads of people strolled along the boardwalk.

The Boardwalk, Coney Island
Benches along one side of the boardwalk afford nice views out to the beach.

All Smiles
Ah, the last gasp of summer!

Coney Island is easily accessible from the subway. Just take the N, Q, D or F trains to the very last stop.

City Portraits is an ongoing, once-in-a-while installment featuring parts of New York.

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Olivier said...

superbe reportage sur une journée a coney island. j'aime beaucoup

Alistair said...

Great shots!
Coney Island has a "romantic" name for me having figured in so many films over the years. When I visited New York some years ago I had hoped to get to both Coney Island and Hoboken( sp?) as they are two of my favourite unvisited places.
Maybe one day.........

Luis Gomez said...

Love these images! Great feeling in all of them.

Mark Forman said...

Great series-I never tire of Coney Island. One of the best parts of my Brooklyn childhood.

Cesc Sales said...

Coney Island is like a time voyager!

Ken Mac said...

Hmm. Couldn't Photoshop out mr obesity eh?

Anonymous said...

i was in coney island this summer i love the old time feel of it :)