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Friday, October 22, 2010

Taking Stock, on Wall Street

Outside the stock exchange
Photo by myself outside the New York Stock Exchange, at Wall and Nassau Streets.

The pedestrian plaza outside the New York Stock Exchange is filled with people standing around, looking up, taking photos in different directions. Everyone then swivels around and takes another photo. It is slightly bizarre.


Happy Friday, everyone.

This week has whipped by, as usual. No news here, except that I'm looking for a new camera for daily use. I love my Canon G5, it's been a workhorse, but is nearly dead. Now whenever I push a button, a white line crosses the lcd screen. It's as if the camera's eyeballs were rolling up into its little sockets.

I'm thinking about a Leica M8, Sony NEX or Olympus E-PL1. Does anyone have any experience with these babies? They're all mirrorless digital SLRs, which make them super small, ideal for candids and daily use.

Keep you posted!

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Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty! This area is amazing. That bull is a funny place to visit: a crowd waiting for their moment to take a picture. The Trinity Church and the cemetery (with 1700 graves) is wonderful.

And about the cameras, I would love to have a Leica!

dianasfaria.com said...

Interesting scene & kind of neat to know there are so many shutterbugs taking action.
That is very exciting about your impending new camera Kitty!
I wish I knew some info to help you out - good luck!

Kitty said...

Hi Washington
Glad you enjoyed your visit here. I like Trinity Church too. It's a small oasis.

The Leicas are beautiful aren't they? I'd love an M9 but it's so expensive. The M8 is slightly more affordable.

Thanks Lily!!

Margaret Gosden said...

I need a new camera, too, but still think the Canon G7 is the best, so I may just get the latest upgrade on it. It is small, a good size for the pocket.
A speck of dust in any camera is a disaster which is my problem. I like your photo showing the photographers in wall street.

Lou said...

It's strange, whenever you see a movie set in NY, Wall Street always looks so bright and open. But when i went it felt so dark and the streets are all closed in. I felt very claustrophobic there.

Great picture, as usual. :)