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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The 2010 NYC Marathon

2010 Marathon NYPD
Photo by myself in Park Slope, Brooklyn, around Mile 7 of the NYC Marathon.

Preceded by a police escort, the men's front runners blazed through Brooklyn.

It was a sunny and nippy day for the marathon. As usual, loads of people turned out along the race route, along with live music to cheer the runners on. The front runners came and went in lightning speed.

I hung around a bit more to watch and cheer. It was moving to see so many runners and so many fans. By the time I walked home and settled down, the race was over. They had already run up through Brooklyn to Queens, up through Manhattan to the Bronx and back down to Central Park. Incredible!

2010 Marathon, Mens Lead Pack
The men's lead pack. Emmanuel Mutai, left, finished second overall. Halle Gebrselassie, in the yellow jersey, one of the greatest runners of all time, later dropped out of the race.

2010 Marathon, Womens Lead Pack
The women's lead pack crossing through Park Slope. Shalane Flanagan, in the red jersey, left, came in second. Edna Kiplagat, the women's winner from Kenya, is not shown.

2010 Marathon
Some runners dressed in costume. Above, a bride and groom.

2010 NYC Marathon
Maybe this guy was from LA.

2010 NYC Marathon
Many runners were from outside New York.

2010 Marathon
Runners enjoyed high-fiving children along the sidelines.

2010 NYC Marathon
Entire families showed up to cheer the runners on.

At one point the woman next to me jumped up and down, clapping. She cried, 'Chile, Chile, Chile!!' to me, happily. I nodded back at her. Oh, so she's from Chile?

What I hadn't realized was that Edison Pena, one of the recently rescued miners from Chile, was running the marathon. I wish I'd known, so I could have kept an eye out for him. He wound up walking the course at times but completing the course in 5:40:51.

By the way, our neighbor Chicken Underwear ran the race. He has completed over fifteen NYC marathons so far. Do reach out with congratulations at his blog here.

Yes, everyone was there. What a great time!

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Leif Hagen said...

Great NYC marathon pics! Hope you'll share some more again tomorrow, too!

RedPat said...

Nice pics - I am waiting another hour for the highlight show on TV. Thanks for a preview!

biebkriebels said...

Love to see more photo's, great!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous photos!

dianasfaria.com said...

You have captured them well Kitty! Aren't they amazing?

Cesc Sales said...

Some year I would like to participate in the event!!

magiceye said...

a great event well captured!!

chickenunderwear said...

Thanks for your support.

One day I will take your photo as I run by


Kizz said...

So funny that I took pics a mile and a half later and, except for the elite runners, don't think I took portraits of any of the same people you did. I wonder if that bride is one half of the couple that was renewing their vows at mile 17. I sort of think I maybe got a picture of Pena but haven't checked yet. He was so surrounded by media, including a video camera on a golf cart, that I don't know if I actually saw HIM or just the entourage.

Lovely captures. The marathon was a hoot this year, as always.

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