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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Peering into Another World, at Macy's, Midtown

Photo by myself outside Macy's, at Sixth Avenue and 34th Street, in Midtown.

The windows at Macy's are up and running. The sidewalk outside is crowded with adults and children.

Several large windows along the Sixth Avenue entrance are filled with large, colorful, moving displays. Figurines swivel and move to music. Backgrounds unfold and slide open. It's hard to believe these windows are done up every year.

Outside Macy's
One vitrine featured a small town with Christmas carolers.

Outside Macy's
Each exhibit combines text, moving characters and scenery.

Outside Macy's
In one display window, the facade of the New York Public Library slides open to reveal a reading room heaped with books.

Incidentally, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade will take place today on the Upper West Side. The parade starts at 77th Street and Columbus Avenue and marches south, ending outside the Macy's department store, some 40 blocks away. The parade starts at 9am Eastern Standard Time.

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Olivier said...

on imagine bien le regard des enfants en admiration devant les vitrines. C'est vrai qu'elles sont magnifiques les vitrines de noel de Macy's

lewi14@gmail.com said...


biebkriebels said...

I like the windows, specially the one of the library.

CaT said...

very cute, the first one!

RedPat said...

Great windows! When i was a kid it was always a big event when the animated windows were unveiled at the big department store here. Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful

matt said...

Hi Kitty.Have a good one. cool windows.

Pierre said...

Grezat colors shots. Christhmas is coming

Anonymous said...

How fun to watch this -- as a big kid or a little kid. ;-)


Anonymous said...

So much better than a mall!!