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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Sign of the White Rabbit, on Houston Street

145 East Houston, NYC
Photo by myself on East Houston and Eldridge Streets.

A large piece of graffiti art graced the roll down security door of the White Rabbit, a bar on East Houston Street.


Here's the power of the internet - I had forgotten where I'd taken this photo a few weeks ago. All the information I had were the number '145' and the cryptic symbol on the canopy, which resembled a rabbit.

I did a google search for "145 rabbit nyc" and up came the website for the bar called the White Rabbit. Bingo, the logos matched!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Olivier said...

magnifique et poétique cette peinture murale

SCATTI said...

Un'immagine veramente speciale

Emanuela said...

I dreamed with your pics until today - and I taked notes too!
and now, the day after tomorrow I'll stay in New York:
I'm so excited!!!
I'll stay at home of cuban friend living at Bronx, it's a good start, no?
I would like you recommend me something to see/do/eat/ - just one thing : )
I have my list, and you helped me to do it, but I know that the trips then go where they want, off the map : )

fruentimmeret said...

Great streetglimpse ;)

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!
Yes, I like how much movement there is in this mural. The artist obviously labored over it without the work losing sponaneity

Thanks and welcome Scatti!

Hi Emanuela!
I don't have much to offer you in terms of the Bronx, but I will certainly send you a list of suggestions in town. You are good to come during holiday time. The city will be done up in a festive way.

Thank you and welcome, Gateglimt!

Anonymous said...

very cool photo. the internet is powerful. ;-)


Grace said...

what an engaging piece of art. (:

Pierre said...

Cool photo of this graffiti.
And yes internet is giving lot of solutions. Lot of problems too.

RedPat said...

Love the contrast of simple logo with busy mural.

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...


Banjo52 said...

These two women play nicely off each other. Each is interesting alone, but together? Wow.

Ken Mac said...

excellent find!

dianasfaria.com said...

isn't it amazing how the internet works? I have had many similar experiences.
great portrait of a portrait btw.