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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking Up at 240 Centre Street

The Police Building, SoHo
Photo by myself on Centre and Broome Streets in SoHo/Little Italy.

One of the most coveted addresses in lower Manhattan, the Police Building at 240 Centre Street in SoHo is said to be home to celebrities and models.

So they say.

I've waited walked outside the building many a time and have never seen anyone coming out or going in. Maybe all the residents are out on their yachts? ;-)

Formerly a police headquarters, the building was converted into co-op apartments in 1988. Just this past September, a four-bedroom apartment was sold for a whopping $16 million. The building is located in an odd area, between Little Italy and Chinatown.

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I thought I'd post a reprieve from the snow photos, a little architectural palate-cleanser, so to speak.

For those curious, we are still digging our way out from Sunday night's blizzard. There are heaps of snow out there still. If you can dig your car out, good luck on finding a parking space. There is so much snow, people wind up parking some 12 feet away from the curb.

Temperatures will warm up later this week though, so hopefully all will melt soon!

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Olivier said...

cet immeuble est magnifique, mais je vois que le prix des appartements ne sont pas donnés, on va attendre ;o))

Ming the Merciless said...

I known that building well. I walked into the lobby thinking it was a museum or a public building and the doormen (yes, plural) greeted me and told me it was a private property.

I later read that Cindy Crawford lived there at the height of her career.

Have you seen the private garden facing Grand Street?

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Wow! Beautiful building! $16 million? If there is any available, let me know!! :o)

Luis Gomez said...

Great building Kitty I don't think I have been there.

Birdman said...

Cool! A shot today of NYC that is w/o snow.

traveller said...

I feel really sorry for New Yorkers,I hate winter! :)

dianasfaria.com said...

I like your idea of cleansing the palate!
though it seems impossible not to talk about it...
& I wonder if the rain we are supposedly getting this weekend will wash it all away?

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
I agree...pretty pricey!

Hi Ming
Yes, the garden on the east side makes this place interesting. Actually the whole block it's on is strange. It is just a grand building on such a narrow street.

I would love to visit the lobby and meet the doormen. Will have to do that next time!

ha, Washington!

Thanks Luis, I do recommend a visit!

Thanks Birdman!

Hi Traveller
I feel sorry for us, too. Lol. It's tough enough to walk around carrying our belongings everywhere.

Hi Lily
Weather looks very good from here on out. It would be great not to have to deal with ugly slush for long.

Pierre said...

I dont see Paris Hilton on the photo. Is it normal?

Eugene Salomon said...

I've been told that this building is a duplicate of the Old Bailey Courthouse in London.

Kitty said...

Ha, Pierre!
It's true what Ming says, I remember that Cindy Crawford was said to have lived here. I thought George Clooney lived there too? Anyway, the building always carried an association of movie stars for me.

Very similar building but they are not exactly the same. The Centre Street building looks more baroque to me; all the profiles are more expressive.

See the building you're referring to here.