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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Proposal, in Rockefeller Center

Photo by myself in Rockefeller Center, at 5th Avenue and 50th Street.

The decorations up during holiday time make New York very romantic.

I'm not sure whether this was a proposal, above, but it certainly looked like one.

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Olivier said...

un homme, une femme..
"On fait le choix ba da ba da da ba da ba da
D'une romance qui passait là.
Chance qui passait là
Chance pour toi et moi ba da ba da da ba da ba da
Toi et moi ba da ba da da ba da ba da
Toi et moi ba da ba da da ba da ba da" Michel Legrand

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

A proposal? That would be very romantic (up there during the sunset, even more).

Emanuela said...

very romantic, they feel warm even if it's so icy... that's incredible, now I recognize a lot of places you shooted in those days :) and I like your way to show it

Anonymous said...

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CaT said...

for dinner, i guess!

dianasfaria.com said...

so sweet!

Ken Mac said...

heck, it could be the breakup! Public space, don't freak out, I gotta go...

Pierre said...

Wow, such a great romantic photo.
How can you take pictures so close with so much life?