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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Swinging to the Welf Dorr Group, at 34th Street

Below 34th Street
Photo by myself below 34th Street, in Midtown.

Yet another hoppin' jazz group underground, the Welf Dorr Group entertains passersby at the 34th Street subway station. Welf is the fellow on alto sax, to the left.

The group has appeared in various configurations over the years,with Welf at the helm. You can see a video of them here:

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Pierre said...

Jazz in the street. The best way to approach this music. Full of life and share.
I have think of you today. A guy was playing accordeon in the suburb. A kind of photo you could have take.


Kizz said...

They have played a few times right near where I get on the train after work. I have a lot of pics of them. Some different guys playing than you saw here but always really good.

Kitty said...

Hi Pierre!
I would have loved to be in Paris taking photos. Drat.
Thanks for thinking of me!

Hi Kizz
This is the first I'd seen these people and they were great! I'd love to see your photos.