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Friday, January 28, 2011

Even More Snow, in Central Park

In Central Park
Photo by myself in Central Park, near Central Park South.

Ah, can you believe that we woke up on Thursday to another 19 inches of snow?

I happened to be near Central Park for a meeting. Fortunately, I got there a bit early to snap a few photos.

Lots of children were there with the day off school. Seen on the right, they were sledding around all the hills they could find, large and small. Mothers were about too, pushing their baby carriages. Since there was little wind, it didn't feel too cold.

By the time I came out of my meeting, the sun had gone away and everything was a dreary gray.

In Central Park
Through the snow and trees, you can make out the buildings along Central Park South.

Snow, Central Park
Beyond, some buildings along Central Park West. The building on the right is the Majestic at 72nd Street, an Art Deco apartment building.

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Olivier said...

Waouhh la premiere photo est magnifique, de quoi faire un poster.J'avais adore Central Park sous la neige

dianasfaria.com said...

Beautiful snow captures Kitty. It's nice to see how Manhattanites can enjoy nature too.
& I'm so glad you got to see the snow in the morning, it was so much nicer when the sun was out. I've given up on hoping for no more snow. Now all I am wishing for is more sun!

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Gorgeous photos, Kitty! Central Park really is an amazing treasure for New York. I can't imagine how the city would be without it.

RedPat said...

Fab snow shots. The world looks so magical just after a snow like that!

Banjo52 said...

Yeah, these are great, really put us there.

John-Roy Photography said...

I love the b&w and the specs of color.

bespoke packaging said...

The pictures are very nice. The central park located in New York city. I feel very happy to see the snow in the central park. I am really very Impressed with this natural place. I really enjoy to go this kind of place. Nice stuff!

hsvenhag said...

Wow! It looks absolutely amazing, and so is you blog! Thank you for your daily posts from NYC!

Lou said...

Oh i love love love it. Wish i was there.

Ming the Merciless said...

You guys got more snow than we do up here. We received only a slight sprinkling of snow last weekend.

Granted, there is like 10" of it on the grown from the last storm. But who's counting. :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Central Park with all this snow... And to bring my own sledge!