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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fresh Snow, at the New York Public Library

NYPL in the snow
Photo by myself in Bryant Park, at Sixth Avenue and 41st Street, in Midtown.

Talks of snow Tuesday night were overhyped.

New York woke to a moderate dusting of snow, nothing at all comparable to our last blizzard. Above, one of the end pavilions at the main branch of the New York Public Library.

A few Parks Department workers were shoveling the paths. A handful of people were taking a spin on the ice rink or walking about, snapping pictures. All around was the hush that snow brings.

I'm not sure what kind of trees these are that retain their red blossoms throughout the winter. Whoever planted these trees long ago was a genius. What better way to add some color to a winter landscape?

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Olivier said...

cela me laisse rêveur, j'adorerais être a NYC avec toute cette neige

Cesc Sales said...

One of my favourite places in the city. Even better with snow!!

mauropucci said...

Immagine molto bella e dolce.

Banjo52 said...

Handsome building, as libraries ought to be. Glad you didn't get buried again. (Apparently Connecticut did).

Ken Mac said...

you've really captured a beautiful angle, here Kitty. The framing, the snow, makes me think it's the 1800s

Louis la Vache said...

This image is almost monochrome.
It sure looks cold!
(«Louis» doesn't "do" winter well...)

dianasfaria.com said...

That is pretty!

Bella said...

What a gorgeous image! New York blanketed in snow must be a treat to see! Lucky you!

Pierre said...

Hi kitty,

It seems that youy town is a ghost town. Look like snow has kill life.

Love the serenity of your photo