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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Now on Display, at the Annual Winter Antiques Show

In Shining Armor
Photo by myself, at Park Avenue and East 67th Street.

From now until January 30th, you can attend one of the best antiques shows there is. The Annual Winter Antiques Show is currently being held at the Park Avenue Armory on the Upper East Side.

Over seventy exhibitors from all over display works of art, antiquities and fine furniture. Most of the exhibitors hail from New York and London. Other cities represented are Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Ontario.

The show started this past Friday, and Mark and I toured through on Saturday afternoon. A good portion of the items were listed in the tens of thousands of dollars. Some were listed in the hundreds of thousands.

I saw a Matisse line drawing, for instance, a pair of copper doorhandles from the Roman period and a huge alabaster vase from the 1st Millenium BC.

Mark's first stammer to me was,'This is some high end stuff!' (Only he didn't use the word 'stuff').

Ex Caliber
A stunning display of armor and weaponry at the dramatically lit Peter Finer booth.

Objects represented Asian art, American Folk art, Ancient Art and even Mid-Century Modern Furniture.

Noah's Ark
An early American Art exhibitor included an ark and an incredible display of carved animals, arranged two-by-two.

Antiques Show, 2011
Fine furnishings and textiles were plentiful.

At the Park Avenue Armory
Fabric covered the aisles and booths, creating an intimate feeling. The actual ceiling of the Armory can be seen beyond. Above, copper door knockers dating from Roman times.

It was startling to see some people actually shopping at this venue, rather than simply ogling at the museum quality pieces. There were many Upper East Siders about, wandering in fur coats and bow ties.

Tickets are $20 per person. All proceeds go to benefit the East Side House Settlement, a group rehabilitating a particularly troubled area of the South Bronx. The show continues until January 31.

For tickets and other information, click here.

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nycstylelittlecannoli said...

looks amazing.. I have been wanting to get to this place but this show looks really great. don't think I will be in the city by the end of the month. Also great you can take photos the items are so neat!! thanx !!

dianasfaria.com said...

I'll take the copper door knockers dating from Roman times please...

Chudex's said...

Nice picture, thanks for shared.

Leeds daily photo said...

I know someone with a suit of armour, but he wears his on his horse when jousting here in Leeds. But, yes it does look like high end "stuff".

Pierre said...

all these swaors and armour remind me when i was younger. I used to play donjon and dragon game.

We were using figurin with armour to kill dragon and troll.

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