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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Bit of Fog, in Central Park

Central Park, in Fog
Photo by myself in Central Park, around Central Park West and 59th Street.

It was drippy at the end of last week.

You could see a white mist hugging the ground in Central Park. A Pedicab driver stood outside of the frame to the right, calling to passersby for a ride.

On the right, you can barely see the buildings along Central Park South. Ahead are buildings along Fifth Avenue.

The snow on the ground is left over from the Christmas blizzard. Boy, are we ready for Spring!

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Pierre said...

Hi Kitty.

I juste come back from Roma. 5 days in Italia to discover the eternal city.
Fun to see snow. Here in france, spring is coming and snow seems to be an old fashion image.


Olivier said...

belle photo , mais elle donne froid

Laura Cousins said...

Oh my gosh, you still have piles of grubby, worn-out snow.

Beatrice B. said...

nice shot! epic. miss NYC...and the spring.

Lou said...

Oh wow. That's beautiful. It must still be cold if the snow still hasn't melted!