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Sunday, March 6, 2011

At Night, Along the East River

Manhattan Bridge at night
Photo by myself on the FDR highway, along the East River.

The Manhattan Bridge connects Manhattan with Brooklyn.

A little further south, toward the right, is the Brooklyn Bridge. Both bridges carry subways and pedestrians across the water.


I took this photo of the Manhattan Bridge and the East River from a cab, while getting home one night last week. It's been that kind of busy lately, which is good and bad.

Mark and I are flying back to New York on Monday. The jolt of fresh air, sunshine and beach breezes has been so healing.

We've encountered dozens of people exercising outside. The people here are generally so friendly and kind. They smile. They walk their dogs, enjoy nature and embrace life.

What culture shock! If you ever visit New York and notice that people are pushy and surly, just know the stress can get the best of us.

I wish everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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Pierre said...

It seems u have a grat week end. Welcome home

Kitty said...

Thank you Pierre!

Andrea said...

We have exactly the same contradiction here - where I live in the countryside, just outside London, people are super friendly, they smile at you, and say Good Morning, even if they don't know you. Old ladies let you get on the bus first!!! :-)
As soon as I get into London it's as if I was in a differet country - people put their heads down, they think you are weird if you smile at them, everybody is always in a rush and people get annoyed very easily.
But London is still England and so people still tend to be polite by nature.
London and New York must be very similar.