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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Look at the New Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center, NYC
Photo by myself at Broadway and 63rd Street, on the Upper West Side.

Construction has been completed at Lincoln Center.

The 1960's landmark has been updated to reflect the 21st Century. The result is pretty cool.

LED lighting makes the Lincoln Center sign (above) visible from faraway. Glass canopies connect the buildings to the street. A super-large sign supports huge bilboards announcing upcoming artists (not shown).

At the steps leading to the street, LED lights scroll through various messages (below). The word 'welcome' is translated in many different languages. Upcoming artists are also announced. It is an effective way to draw people into seeing a show.

In a way, architecture intersects with commerce at the new Lincoln Center. Let's face it - our institutions need patrons to survive.

Lincoln Center, NYC
Words illuminated with LEDs are in constant motion below the steps leading to the raised plaza. In the foreground, youngster with requisite i-ware.

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Beatrice B. said...

what a cool bag the girl has above :)


Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

It is a very nice place.

Ken Mac said...

lincoln logs and twiggy!

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Thanks for the insight into the Lincoln Center's update. And regarding architecture and commerce intersecting there, one thing I always marvel at--and admire--about New York is how efficiently commerce intersects with everything there.

RedPat said...

Looks great - love the lettering on the stairs!