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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On Lemonade Stands and Evry Daily Photo

Lemonade Stand, Brooklyn
Photo by myself in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Yes, even in cities, kids set up lemonade stands.

Three young ladies set up a table this weekend on Fifth Avenue, a very busy street in Park Slope. I'm not sure how they did, but lots of people noticed and stopped by.


By the way, I had a great time last week meeting Olivier of Evry Daily Photo.

Olivier and I met in Midtown and spent our time talking about the places we loved in New York. We poured over a subway map, one neighborhood at a time.

Olivier had his Holga camera with him and he suffered through my terrible French with humor. I am sure Olivier will return with gorgeous photographs for all to see.

For Olivier's New York photoblog (yes, he has one, though he lives in France!), click here.

Avec Olivier Perrin
Olivier Perrin, author of two photoblogs, Evry Daily Photo and A Walk in New York.

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Leeds daily photo said...

It looks like they were enjoying themselves and at that age thats what life should be. Not sure how but Olivier's New York DP had slipped past me.

Beatrice B. said...

looks like fun :)


cara said...

Gorgeous shot of the girl and their stand and nice one of Olivier too. I'm off to visit his blog.

Olivier said...

merci pour cette rencontre, c'etait un plaisir pour moi

Nathalie H.D. said...

Lovely to hear of another wonderful bloggers meeting. Gorgeous portrait of Olivier ; isn't he a great guy?

nathalie said...

Forgot to say but the three girls are the cutest thing ever. Selling lemonade at street corners? We don't do that in France. I wonder if people would pick it up if the idea were introduced here?