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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The United Palace Theater, in Washington Heights

The Palace Cathedral, NYC
Photo by myself at 175th Street and Broadway.

The above photo was taken while speeding by in the car.

Unfortunately Mark drives much too fast for my tastes. He detests New York traffic, which can be stop-and-go and dominated by dummies. (Mark calls them more colorful names).

I had no idea this theater existed until we whizzed by, and I only had time for a couple snaps. The United Palace Theater originally opened in 1930, and was purchased by the United Church Science of Living Institute in 1969.

The building continues to show concerts by current artists like Beck, Sigur Ros and Modest Mouse.

For the wiki entry on the building, click here.

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Olivier said...

c'est amusant dans NYC de voir des églises dans des endroits qui n'ont rien a voir avec la religion ;) (dans le Bronx, j'ai vu une eglise avec comme devanture un ancien magasin vendant des farces et attrapes ;o)) ) ou des églises qui passent de religion en religion, ce qui donne une église catholique avec des statues bouddhistes ;)

dianasfaria.com said...

I love Beck!
& from the positive message on the sign, this looks like a cool venue. I need to check it out. Thanks Kitty!