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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Skyline on the Upper West Side

the Upper West Side
Photo by myself, from the Hudson River.

Another photo from my recent boat ride.

The Trump towers on the Upper West Side along the West Side Highway form a virtual wall. These are upscale apartment towers.

Unlike the above photo, the majority of the Manhattan waterfront is not built up at all. Mass transportation here is centralized. For a pedestrian to get to the water's edge it takes some walking.

Someone living on East End Avenue on the Upper East Side, for instance, has to walk several long blocks to catch the subway on Lexington Avenue. It is no fun in the winter. The alternative is to take the crosstown bus.

The FDR and West Side Highways run along the east and west sides, respectively. You can see the West Side Highway, above, raised up on columns. The drive along this stretch is dramatic, since you're racing at the base of these towers.

For a closer view of the Trump Towers, click here.

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Elettra said...

I am struck by the vastness of the river , very nice picture !!!!!!!!!!!

Olivier said...

superbe photo de la Skyline, j'adore, on sent le mvt du vent

Banjo52 said...

"virtual" and "wall" are excellent words for this. There's something that feels flat and unreal about the buildings, and there's certainly nothing welcoming about them from this perspective. Of course, I prefer trees, so what do I know?

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Great photo Kitty, looks like you went out on a beautiful day.

Nori said...

vivid view of clear blue sky, high buildings...I love these kinds of pictures!