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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupying Wall Street, One Day at a Time

Occupy Wall Street
Photo by myself at Cortlandt and Liberty Streets, in the Financial District.

The protests in the Financial District are going on strong.

Supporters of Occupy Wall Street have been demonstrating for over two weeks, now. This was the scene on Wednesday morning. A makeshift camp is located just steps away from the World Trade Center construction site.

People young and old have been protesting disparity of wealth in this country and the mess created by Wall Street greed. Occupy Wall Street maintains that larger perspective is required beyond personal gain.

At first glance, the camp looks more like a wild sleepover than a political movement. People were drawing up big signs, conducting interviews and meditating. Some folks were still asleep, wrapped up in blankets on the pavement.

I spoke to one fellow at the camp site. 'People have been here 17 days', he said.

'So what do people expect to happen?' I asked. He shrugged.

'I'm a little out of it,' I said, playing devil's advocate and admitting my cavewoman status. 'I mean, this is a capitalist country, right?' Pause. 'People are just trying to make money'.

'I'm not', he said.

Good answer.

Occupy Wall Street
One fellow inked a sign that said 'This is not Bonaroo [the music festival], this is War.'

Occupy Wall Street
Rally signs were all over the place. A drum set lurked in the background.

For the Occupy Wall Street site, which includes photos and a daily schedule of events, click here.

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Joanne said...

We initially here in Portugal heard nothing about this, only recently has it become a news. I wonder like you what will be the outcome of this....

Olivier said...

pour une fois la vieille europe était en avance sur les etats-unis, mouvement partis d'Espagne. Si cela peut faire bouger les choses, pour l'instant pas très efficace en Europe, mais c'est pas finit

Beatrice B. said...

I am in New York at the moment and people from Europe keep messaging me about it but somehow I don't really see or hear about it too much here.

Kitty said...

Hi Joanne
Only time will tell. Even if it's more awareness regarding the disparity of wealth (which is common knowledge anyhow), that will be something.

Not suffering in silence is something, too.

Hi Olivier,
True, this is old news to Europe. We are a couple hundred years behind!

Hi Beatrice
The marches and demonstrations are localized, only in the Wall Street vicinity. Perhaps there will be something in Union Square, too. You see stuff on the news, but that's about it.

I hope you're having a good time here!

oman said...

do not stop! still protesting for you and your rights, for freedoms and your future, for America and the world ...

Eric said...

Why is that a good answer that the protester gave? It's not!! If he's not out making himself some money to live on how will he survive? Oh yeah, he wants the government to support him. He wants money that you and I have worked for to support him being a bum. I'd say a good bit of them haven't a clue what they're protesting, as indicated by his answer to your first question. A shrug.

I watched a video with that black girl speaking. You made that photo almost exactly where the videographer was standing. She starts out by saying that the government has the power to take all our personal debt away. Student loans, mortgages, everything. She needs to get busy, leave the protest, go get another job and pay off her own loans.

My wife and I both had student loans. We paid them off ourselves. Why can't they?

Kitty, I've read your profile and I'll bet that IF you did have student loans, you paid them off yourself.

Who's gonna clean up the mess that these hippies are leaving behind? It won't be them, I'll almost guarantee that. They probably won't forget there drums, hula hoops, bikes or art supplies but it'll be somebody with a JOB that will have to come and clean up the urine, crap, filth and trash that they leave behind.

I've got a nice photo of that park from one of our previous visits to New York City. It was taken in the spring, the tulips were blooming and just a handful of people were out eating lunch. That's a very nice park. What a disgrace that it's being treated the way is is now.

Hopefully we'll make it to New York before this is over for a short vacation. If so, we'll probably go by there just to see what's going on, if we can stand the stink. It'll be a good lesson for my kid as to what not to be as an adult.

P.S. I really enjoy looking at your photos and reading your blog. We've only been to NYC a couple times but we had a great time and look forward to coming back.