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Friday, February 3, 2012

Living Large, on the Upper East Side

East 84th Street, NYC
Photo by myself on 82nd Street and Fifth Avenue, on the Upper East Side.

The Upper East Side is home to many gorgeous townhouses. Some have been purchased by institutions while others have remained fancy residences.

The building directly in front is loaded with detail. Enough detail to distract you from noticing that several supports are missing from the railing to the right.

It's been a super frantic week. Happy Friday, everyone!

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s.c said...

Ha ,the architectural eye.

Nataša said...

Beautiful arhitecture,beautiful city :)

Anonymous said...

How stunning is that! What a prize Kitty. Even though my BLog and my FB has crashed due to a massive breach/hack, I am still online and can follow your site and make comments but anonymously now I'm afraid - until I sort my techo problem out. I will keep following!!
Rose from Oz (Rose)

RedPat said...

Wow - fabulous buildings!

ms positive said...

love it.. one of wildest dream is to live in new york.. ;)