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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Juggling Around, in Bryant Park

Juggling in Bryant Park
Photo by myself in Bryant Park.

One of the many scheduled activities in Bryant Park is juggling.

For not a large park, Bryant Park is very busy. Besides fencing, petanque, chess, ping pong, movies and musical performances, you can learn how to juggle every Tuesday evening, free of charge (!).

I met Alex, the instructor (above left), the other day. He was super-friendly and offered to teach me how to juggle. I opted to watch, as Alex and a visitor talked about juggling tricks.

Alex can juggle up to 5 objects and professed the largest thing he ever juggled was a basketball.

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Olivier said...

superbe, j'avais essaye mais le résultat était lamentable ;)

s.c said...

Funny. The guy could also be a math teacher and doesn't look like a juggler but still waters have deep grounds ( Don't know of this translation of a dutch proverb exist in english.)

biebkriebels said...

As a child I could juggle against a wall with 3 balls, but didn't make my profession of it.... But I see there are still oppertunities for me ha,ha.