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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Commute Home, on the D Train

D train commute to Brooklyn Photo by myself on the D train on the way to Brooklyn.

For a brief moment, the D train was bathed in light on the way home. Everyone seemed tired out after a long day.

The D, B, N, and Q trains all emerge from the tunnel to cross the Manhattan Bridge. The N and Q trains run on the south track with a better view of the Brooklyn Bridge. The B and D trains run on the north track with a better view up the East River.

Crossing the river is a good time to take candids on the train, since many commuters are distracted - we don't have cellphone service underground on the subway, and riders take the opportunity to check their email or text.

I usually take the moment to text Mark at home 'Bridge', meaning, "I'm crossing the Manhattan Bridge, I'll be home in about 20 minutes, either order the dinner we discussed or let me know if you need me to pick something up on the way home".

Happy weekend, everyone!

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s.c said...

Nice shot of an o so common view but so rarely captured. Well done.

Ken Mac said...

yes, my first thought. nice light

RedPat said...

That is a tired group!

Cesc Sales said...

Daily train scenes. I really like it!

Unknown said...

I am trying to find a happy face in this train and I can’t. That’s why I prefer to ride my bicycle instead!