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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Outside Sol Moscot, on the Lower East Side

Outside Sol Moscot, LES Photo by myself at Orchard and Delancey Streets, on the Lower East Side.

A distinctively dressed couple walked toward the setting sun. An abundance of yellow signage for the Sol Moscot store is in the background.

Sol Moscot has been in this location since 1915. I always thought their signage was referenced in The Great Gatsby, but they arent! 'The eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg' was a billboard, where huge eyeballs look through yellow glasses. Obviously, there are no eyeballs on the Sol Moscot signs.

The store is actually called 'Moscot' and some of the frames they sell are the same vintage designs from way back when.

You can check out the Moscot website, where you can try on their glasses virtually, here.

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Olivier said...

un beau look, assez ancien. on trouve de tout dans les rues new yorkaises ;)

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Great pic and intriguing information Kitty - great post!

FEDO said...


Cesc Sales said...

cool glasses!

FEDO said...

Cool! :)