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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Riding Around Soho

Cyclist, Soho Photo by myself, in Soho.

A photo from a narrow street in Soho.

Not all the streets in Soho are cobblestone. Many are roughly patched asphalt. You can just imagine the winters here with snow piled up and people trudging through. In the warmer months, though it's just divine.

Almost all the buildings here have fire escapes running on the outside. They were all built before fire stairs were required by the city.

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Stephanie Amos said...

cool shot! hope to visit Soho someday. =)

Cesc Sales said...

I like the aesthetic of soho! Great pic, good sunday Kitty!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

love Soho Such a nice calm vibe compared to midtown Just love walking around taking my time! Hope you are doing well!!

Eric said...

Nice shot! I love all the fire escapes in that area.

On our last trip to New York City my wife and daughter and I sat on the steps across from Tibet Carpet and had some Dunkin' Donuts. Check it out.