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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Street Art by Russell King, in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Russell King, Brooklyn Photo by myself, at 9th Street and Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

A piece of street art was hung innocently on a busy corner in Park Slope. Written in a red scribble was the sentence 'My least favorite actor - Russell King.'

Russell King turns out to be the artist behind this and many other evocative images that can be found around Brooklyn and the Lower East Side.

This an other King images seem much too pretty to be classified as traditional 'street art', which is often grungy and much less nicely framed. Not much is known about King, and I must admit that I hadn't noticed his work until Monday night. I'll keep my eyes peeled from now on.

For some interviews with Russell King, which include images of his other work, click here and here.

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Olivier said...

une belle declaration a cet acteur, que je ne connais pas du tout