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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Ice, in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Relief from heat, Brooklyn Photo by myself in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Ice cream and flavored ice is a welcomed relief to the horribly humid weather we've been having. Some children had a hard time deciding on a flavor Saturday, in Park Slope.

It seemed much too unhealthy to even be outside, with 90% humidity (!). Rain was in the forecast, but it never came about. Today is thankfully much, much better.

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Marcia said...

How is Rupert holding up in the heat? My dog, Danni stays indoors most of the time, something she doesn't like.

We don't see ices much here in Michigan, but ice cream is a staple.

roentare said...

Yum. Who doesnt like vendor selling goodie :)

biebkriebels said...

Too hot and too long is not nice, would I could sent you some rain from here.

Mike said...

I ate so much ice cream this summer. It was hot.