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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stopped on Park Avenue, in Midtown

East 47th and Park, nyc
Photo by myself on Park Avenue and 47th Street, in Midtown.

Yet another photo from a cab, this one on Park Avenue.

As you can see, the buildings along Park Avenue are really tall. Most of them, at least above 42nd Street, are pre-war.

A ray of sunshine peaked through from between the buildings. Yes, we do get slivers of sun here.

There also happen to be several fancy car showrooms on Park Avenue, just a few streets from this spot. The Ferrari, Audi and Mercedes showrooms are all clustered next to each other, on the west side of Park Avenue. For whatever reason.

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Olivier said...

j'aime cette lumiere qui rentre dans la grand canyon des buildings de New York

s.c said...

As I look at the sun rays the sunlight facade of the building in front must be reflected from somewhere else. Thats so intriguing in New York . Reflecting light from the big glass facades going everywhere. I like that very much. Thanks for showing Kitty.