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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dogs in Costume, at Tompkins Square Park

Halloween, Tompkins Sq Park
Photo by myself, in Tompkins Square Park.

A Boston Terrier wore a sombrero and colorful wrap at Tompkins Square Park, Saturday. He seems oblivious of the paparazzi, snapping photos in the background.

There was a huge crowd of onlookers as dogs went on parade in Tompkins Square Park, Saturday afternoon. It was the 22nd annual Halloween Parade for dogs.

There was a mob scene and tons of people taking photos. This must be what it's like on the red carpet at the Academy Awards? We managed to see only saw a tiny fraction of the dogs, since we arrived a little late and the area was so crowded.

Halloween, Tompkins Sq Park
Yes, it's Mr. T, complete with fauxhawk and tiny boxing gloves. He looks deep in thought.

Halloween, Tompkins Sq Park
A French bulldog wore an outfit of prison stripes. His hat says 'Bad Dog'. And yet, he is grinning ear to ear.

Halloween, Tompkins Sq Park
A pug posed as Evita, in sequins, blonde wig and a ball gown. 

Halloween, Tompkins Sq Park
Human and canine versions of Wonder Woman.

Halloween, Tompkins Sq Park
Goldilocks, I think? I am a little rusty with my fables.

Halloween, Tompkins Sq Park
Rupert did not dress in costume, but he was sure to check out those who were!

I've always wanted to go to this parade, but never looked around early enough to know when it was. If you ever want to attend, get there early. This is a hugely popular event, mobbed with people and pets.

For more photos of the parade, click here.

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biebkriebels said...

This is so funny, not so like the Hollywood dressed dogs. I like number two with his golden chain. They all seem to enjoy the event.

s.c said...

Only in america, but I agree with bieb ,funny is the right word.

Brianna Asaro Photography said...

Interesting... LOL. I always swore if I got a dog I'd NEVER do that to them.... but the jailhouse dog looked really cute... :)

BeBe said...

This brought a smile to my face :D

Mike said...

They have newer clothes than I do :)

dianasfaria.com said...

this is hysterical!
I'm not sure but I think Goldilocks may actually be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz...

Leeds daily photo said...

Very funny. I think Rupert was very wise to refrain from joining them by putting on fancy dress.

Unknown said...

I would never bring my dog to Tompkins Square park... would be too afraid that he would choke on a heroin needle.

- Drew from New York Motor Insurance

fruitandcake said...

My darlings ! I could just eat them !!! SUPER-MODELS!

chickenunderwear said...

@ Drew Mack

Maybe a fossilized heroin needle, this is 2012, not 1992