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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Selling Snacks, Below Ground

Pastries, nyc
Photo by myself at the subway station of Atlantic/Pacific Street, in Brooklyn.

A woman named Maria sells homemade fried pastries on the subway platform in Brooklyn. She allowed me to take her photo, but for some reason, did not look at the camera.

I see Maria standing here often, during the evening rush hour. She also sells chocolate bars.

Apologies for the blip in posts. Mark has been away, it's been super busy and I've been sick, etc. etc.

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s.c said...

I am curious. What did you decide to show this one in black and white. But I admit it is a good portrait of the women with her business.

Kitty said...

Hi SC!
I wanted to add a little variety so I made this black and white. I sometimes do it if the color is not so nice, or if there is a distracting color in the background.
Best, K

Masa said...

The city is filled with various lives!!

komunalizm said...

Since there are millions of survillance cameras, reality shows etc.. everywhere I wonder if people were less shy to photographers before 1960's? That would be the main problem about peoples reactions agaist 'cameras', if there's such a thing occurs..

Kitty said...

Hi Ertug,

I think certainly people are more shy and more sensitive now, since everyone has cellphone cameras and digital cameras. It's much harder now to pull off candids these days!

Alejandra said...

Hi form Argentina, I visit your blog daily to see NY, the name of the pastries is "churros".