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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Manhattan Bridge, from the FDR

Up FDR Expressway, NYC
Photo by myself on the FDR near the East River.

Above, the view of the Manhattan Bridge in the morning, from the FDR.

I was heading north on the FDR Expressway when I took this photo. In the background is the Brooklyn waterfront.

I had a meeting on Wednesday at 8:30am on the Upper East Side.

A meeting at 8:30am uptown means leaving from Brooklyn at 7:30am at the latest. I wound up finding a yellow cab by sheer luck in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and hailing it.

We raced across the East River, then up the FDR Expressway, up the east side. Then across to 85th and Fifth Avenue. The cost? About $45.

Usually I'd take the subway, but for various reasons, I was cutting it close, hence the cab. There was a small traffic jam on the FDR which gave me heart palpitations and the sweats.

If you're ever trying to get somewhere quickly, it's usually much, much more cost effective and faster to take the subway.

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s.c said...

But still capable to take such a beautiful picture despite the stress. Well done Kitty

biebkriebels said...

But at least the picture is beautiful!

SRQ said...

Yikes...sounds like it was a stressful start to the day. At least it was a beautiful morning. Glad you arrived on time.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Just love all the bridges of Manhattan! We've had a TV series here recently on all of them and their history and construction - fascinating!!

Bill Wellham said...

I have just started following your blog. l really enjoy your words as much as your images. This is a wonderful capture of an awesome bridge. The sunlight through the structure works so well. A great silhouette indeed.