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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Morning Commute, Below Ground

Commute, nyc
Photo by myself, below ground.

The morning commute is usually very quiet, with people tuning into the news on their devices or perhaps even a book, or catching the last bit of a nap.

Partially out of view, a man was reading his ipad. You can see the ghostly glow cast on his face.

There are periods in the winter, where you barely get a hint of sun. There is a five-minute walk to the subway, then tunnels, then a five-minute walk to the office. Some office workers stay in for lunch and eat at their desks.

I think this is why people are in their grumbly moods.

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Andy said...

As a retired bus driver I know how quiet it can be it on the morning trip. Also the smell of perfume and makeup is much stronger.

s.c said...

Looks like a trip in asia but it is vital to have so much newcomers in town. It keeps the city vital and the economy growing.

biebkriebels said...

A real commuter photo, it goes on and on for years, until you are retired ha,ha!

Stefan Jansson said...

A correct assumption I think. We have had a couple of days with sunshine and every one is slowly waking up again after the long and dark winter.

Unknown said...

Last bit of nap is always a great with all. And the morning commute is usually very quiet and peaceful. Tribeca Parking

dianasfaria.com said...

this is a great shot. & I would love for all of these commuters to see themselves (just as they are - out and about living their lives) in your photos one day.
& I agree most of us do better with a bit of sunshine & outdoor activity each day.
hope you get a chance to do so today before it gets to cloudy, again.

RedPat said...

And no eye contact!

SRQ said...

The lack of sun coupled with the frigid long winters is exactly why I left the north. Hopefully, you'll have an early spring.

Banjo52 said...

I have no trouble imagining how this can make folks grumpy, but isn't it odd that not one person here has said something like, "Oh, but it also builds community, a sense of brotherhood"? Herd mentality trumped by "Don't fence me in"?