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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Street Scene, in Chelsea

25th and 10th
Photo by myself, around 25th Street and 10th Avenue in Chelsea.

There weren't any live people on the street the other day in Chelsea, but there were plenty of painted ones. Above, a huge mural depicting a street scene. The streetcar shows a 1945 date the destination of Times Square.

The tall building on the left is typical of some of the older buildings in Chelsea - enormous and brick.

We've finally had glimmers of Spring here! Hurrah! We had so many more grey, lifeless days than usual this year.

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s.c said...

Very well know photo as mural. What you all can do with a blind wall. Thanks for showing Kitty.

Olivier said...

c'est une peinture murale grandiose et magnifique, j'adore

RedPat said...

Love that mural, Kitty!

dianasfaria.com said...

How often do you get a picture in NYC without any noticeable people in it??? I say noticeable because I had to search before I found the little man walking in the left side of your picture!

Banjo52 said...

That mural is really, really big and bold. If a window gets in the way, paint over it! (well, around it). Nice, especially after a long, hard, grey winter.

Andy said...

Excellent murals. The two kissing... is a classic icon that many people will recognize.

universcrea said...

It s a beautiful street art!!!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Kitty these are amazing murals! What talent these artists have.
Pleased it's warming up for you!
Trust Rupert is happy and well :)