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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Architecture Underfoot, in Midtown

Pan Am Building, nyc
Photo by myself around 40th Street and Park Avenue, in Midtown.

Embedded in the ground at an urban plaza, display engravings of buildings in the neighboring area. Above, a plaque showing the Pan Am Building roosting above the sculpture at Grand Central, just a couple blocks north.

The plaques were installed in 1996, as part of the Grand Central Partnership. Most NYC neighborhoods belong to 'partnerships', where businesses contribute money, used toward creating a neighborhood identity. Special signage, art or trash bins might be commissioned, for instance.

The plaques were created by Gregg LeFevre, a New York City sculptor. To check out more of his work, click here.

NY Daily News Building, nyc
Above, the entrance to the New York Daily News building, on 42nd Street.

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RedPat said...

I really like these, Kitty!
I'm fine - thanks for asking and I hope everything is good with you!

s.c said...

Great details. I like that in a pavement.