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Friday, September 21, 2007

And Now For Some Words From Our Sponsor...

I just wanted to share some web clips that Mark worked on a while ago that were recently released (the ones he worked feature the puppets. Just click on each 'Movie Moment').

He was director of photography, (which means, he tells me, he took all the photographs) for six amusing clips he did for The Movie Channel.

Everything in these clips comes from still, digital images. At times, the background of the still image is replaced with another image that is manipulated, so that it looks like there's movement going on. While comprised of only Mark's photos, these vignettes manage to be interesting and dynamic.

Anyway, the clips are fun to watch...just make sure you have the latest version of Flash, else they won't work. Click here to enjoy!

Photo by myself of the Williamsburg bridge from the edge of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


Mom Knows Everything said...

Is it the one with the puppets?

That must be a cool job. My husband works for a grocery store. He orders the products and unloads the trucks when they deliver them. It's not an exciting job, but he has been there since he graduated from high school. That's over 20 years. Man, he's old. Not really, he's 40, but that's kinda old. LOL

Unknown said...

yah, it's the one with the puppets. Some of the clips are pretty cute.

40 isn't old at all! but that's rare these days to stay at a place for 20 years. At least what your hb does is physical. Many times, I'd rather do something like that than sit in a chair all day long.

Mom Knows Everything said...

I'll have to put a picture of him on my blog, he has quite a bit of gray hair. He likes to tease me by saying that he didn't have any before he met me. I usually hit after he says that. LOL