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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah

Above Central Park South
Yeah, yeah, New York is 'the city that doesn't sleep'. With me recently, it's been personal. I've been going through some work-driven insomnia that wakes me at three or four am.

I roll over and of course, Mark is fast asleep. I have to get up gingerly and navigate around him. First I visit the bathroom, then I check out the time.

By then, my brain gears are churning about what I haven't done, what I had to do. I have the hardest time getting back to sleep. Sometimes I get up to take a hot bath, sometimes I take an Advil, sometimes I read a book. The next day I am zonked and grouchy, and the next evening, it happens again.

A bunch of us at the office are in the same boat. We shake our heads at each other and say how crazy it is, how we need to do laundry, how we forgot to make credit card payments, how we're on the verge of getting sick. Among the few who sit in the same area, we have a contest - whoever whines first, loses.

A friend of mine asked recently, 'Do you work to live, or live to work?'

Hm. Every cliche has some truth to it, and this one makes me think.

Photo by myself, from the 19th floor above Central Park South. You can see clear down 59th Street.


Mom Knows Everything said...

I think you need another vacation. Only two more days until the weekend though. Hopefully you can catch up on some sleep then.

I can't see the picture. Is it just me?

I can't take a bad picture of Aidan. Maybe it's his age, but he's so cute. I feel bad that I don't take as many as Aurora, but she's almost 14 and doesn't like her picture taken unless she is all dolled up. When I try to take a picture of her when she isn't she gives me the "put the camera down" look. Teenagers are so much fun sometimes. LOL

Kitty said...

hi T!
thanks for letting me know about the picture.
I actually slept thru the night last night. Hooray! I really hate to complain, here, but my experience of NY recently is rather limited.

I can't imagine having a teenager. wow. they seem so funny!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Ohh I so hear you. Last night I was up at 2.30am my mind was rolling with stuff. I ended up watching some British mystery series on PBS for an hour. I'm completely knackered this morning. Have you ever considered medication? I tried Tylenol PM but it doesn't work, I need something stronger. The best thing about having my wisdom teeth out was the Vicodin they gave me for the pain. I slept like a baby. Bliss!!

Mom Knows Everything said...

Glad to hear that last night was better. Yeah, teenagers are great, especially when they want a drive somewhere, when they want money, when they never clean their room, etc. I'm just kidding, Aurora's a good kid, except for cleaning her room. It's always a disaster, but I refuse to clean it anymore.