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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Buon Gusto

I'm one of the lucky few who work in Soho. It's not a neighborhood known for doing business, and I wonder whether the cost for office space is higher there than anyplace else.

Since I'm so crazy busy, most of my photos will probably be taken in the immediate area. No complaints - there's never a shortage of boutiques, fashionable people, or beautiful buildngs to represent.

Today, for instance, I had a quick moment during lunch to zip around. I hastened down Mulberry Street, where it seems like the San Gennaro festival is on an endless tape loop. (I never know when the festival runs, but it seems to always be just about the happen, happening, or wrapping up). Today was a perfect festival day and the streets were packed with people.

There are the usual stands selling funnel cakes, calzones, pizza and cannoli. There were games where you throw things, shoot things, or hit things on the head. Then there were the hawkers, drumming up business for their prix fixe meals. People sat outside under makeshift canopies.

I'm not usually interested in being in the midst of a crowd, but walking thru the streets today, with traffic stopped, was a welcomed change.

Little Italy is getting littler by the year, but for this brief period, it's puffing itself up BIG.

Get it while it's hot.

Photos by myself around Mulberry and Hester.


Unknown said...

I have yet to go to San Gennaro but I will admit, it is sad that Little Italy has been shrinking. Ever gone to the Polish festival on 8th and 2nd Ave? Love it! It's tiny but full of beer and good food (and friendly drunks). =)

Mom Knows Everything said...

That looks so fun, but I can't do crowds. Maybe it's a Mom thing, but I'm always scared that something is going happen to my kids in crowds. Hmmm...maybe I just take my kids with me too often? LOL

Mom Knows Everything said...

Are you getting tired of me giving you awards? I have another one for you. :o)

Kitty said...

hey n -
I've never heard of the Polish festival. How funny? That sounds like fun!

Kitty said...

Tammy you are too kind!!!
thank you!!

Mike said...

Hello from New York! Zeppoles and Calzones are great. Im getting hungry here.