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Monday, November 5, 2007

7 More Things, 7 Blogs

Well, I've been tagged by Novel of Novel Happenings to list 7 facts about myself and tag some other bloggers.

The rules are:
1. You link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. You share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. You tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. You let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

I'm generally really bad at these memes. Dear Tammy of Mom Knows Everything has tagged me for a bunch of nice awards that I never got around to passing on. The main reason is that with my schedule, I have little time to read and find new blogs to tag! How embarrassing. (Sorry, Tammy!)

Here's those seven things, a continuation of the Eight Things, Eight Blogs that I posted earlier:

1. I came in second as the female student 'Most Likely to Succeed' in my Junior High School class. The last I heard of the girl who came in first place was that she was a coke addict (but that was a while ago. Maybe she's a CEO now?)

2. In college, I pilfered a huge keg of red wine after a departmental reception, the kind with the screw top. Then, because of laziness or audacity or stupidity, I hitched a ride to my dorm with a proctor in his Ford Taurus, hiding the keg under my raincoat. I got away with it, thank goodness!

3. When I was growing up, I was competely addicted to cherry pie filling. I'd eat it from the can with a spoon. (Yipes!)

4. I am usually underdressed. Meaning I often wear a light coat and scarf in the dead of winter. (This drives Mark crazy).

5. I have a hard time buying shoes, for whatever reason. Making a shoe choice is tough for me. Hence I have few shoes!

6. I love reality-tv shows (who doesn't?). Top Chef, America's Top Model, anything on Bravo...I watch it all!

7. I was first published at age 11; a poem of mine was printed in the local paper, LOL.

The bloggers I am tagging are the trusty bunch:
1. The lovely Tammy of Mom Knows Everything.

2. The busy Fish at Fish Without Bicycle.

3. Fellow New Yorker Nubia at The Disconnection: Encounters with Strangers

4. The adventuresome Terri at Walking Off the Big Apple

5. Mike at his many blogs, one of them being Fun and Useless Trivia

6. The photogenic Bitter at I.M. Bitter

7. And lastly, the talented Theresa at Sleeping Kitten, Dancing Dog

I look forward to reading their 7 Things soon!

Photo by myself, at Grand Central Station.


Mom Knows Everything said...

I LOVE doing memes!!!! Thanks for thinking of me. I'm feeling much better, but now Aidan and I both have a cold :o( I'll do the meme after I get the baby down for his nap. Have a great day!

Kitty said...

feel better, Tammy!
get some rest.

Unknown said...

whoohoo! Thanks for the tag. would love to read that poem you wrote when you were 11 =)

Melissa said...

Hi Kitty, thanks for the tag. :)

Here's my response.

ps. I used to eat cherry pie filling from the can too! lol

Kitty said...

hey nubia! I'll try to dig up the poem. It's buried somewhere at my parents' house. :-)

IM, what a great list!
(how freaky about the pie filling?)