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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Recovering From Friday Night

Subway Platform
Photo by myself on the L train platform at Union Square.

Usually you find people banging on plastic bins. This guy must get help lugging his drum set up and down several flights of stairs.


Mark went to a goodbye party Friday night. A friend of his is leaving the city for the West Coast, yet another artist in search of space to raise his young family.

I had my going away party on Friday, too. So both of us spent today recovering with headaches. The two of us sat on the couch most of the day with the cat, while the wind whistled outside.

Saturday afternoon we watched a documentary on Sundance called Combover, about, yes, what could be called a hairstyle for guys.

Mark and I found it quite a good movie - well produced and funny.

Film maker Chris Marino traverses many states on the search for the ultimate combover. He provides the history of the hairstyle and its variants: the side part and the part along the back of the head. There are interviews with a psychologist, a wig maker and a hair surgeon. There's a thwarted attempt to interview The Donald.

The movie is still playing for a couple weeks on Sundance. Catch it while you can.

Here's the movie trailer:


BrianC said...

I remember a beer commercial from a couple of years ago . . . part of a series. And there's this line: "Here's to you, bad toupee wearin' guy." There's also the line: "It couldn't look any worse with a chin strap" . . . which is certainly true for some of them. One of the vendors who comes to our non-profit has THE WORST rug, perched atop his head like a bird's nest. Not fooling anyone.

Fredrik said...

Great film idea! Combover is just horrible. But a lot fun to watch when the wind blows ;)
When are you going to take the new Canon for a walk? Guess the expectations are high?

Kitty said...

Hi Brian!

There was a lot of speculation on the movie about what runs through the mind of the combover victim. I felt so bad for them but I could not stop laughing.

Hi Fredrik!
I won't receive the body for a few days. I cannot wait, but I am a little nervous to walk around with something so obvious and expensive. I will probably start with baby steps.


Bergson said...

The musician is installed for a long time; I think that the can to be filled of dollars is a little large

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty, hope you are feeling better today. The combover movie sounds hilarious. You reminded me of a funny ad we used to have in England with a combover guy :-)


Mom Knows Everything said...

My dad had a comb over and every time I see one I think of him. :o)

Kitty said...

welcome Bergson!
yes, this musician is very ambitious. I really wonder how much they can get?

Hi Fish
Thank you! I thought that commercial was hilarious. Leave it to the British to have the funniest ads.

Hi Tammy
aw, how sweet!