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Monday, March 10, 2008

Confronting Reality on TV

Fifth Avenue
Photo by myself on Fifth Avenue. You can see the Empire State Building in the background.

What I love about New York is that since we're on such intimate terms with some of the buildings, there are times when you can't tell when a photograph is taken.


Tonight we noticed the commercial for the new season of Top Chef, which starts this Wednesday. Interesting that Bravo is timing its reality shows - Project Runway just ended last week, so there's no time to detox.

Switching the channel, Mark and I watched a commercial for Make Me a Supermodel. Then we switched to Ultimate Recipe Showdown on the Food Channel. Oh please.

Finally we stumbled on the absolute last straw, That's Amore, yet another reality show where a gaggle of silly, underdressed women wearing too much makeup compete for the attentions of some silly dude.

I have to wonder how they get these contestants? Is there a psychological term for what happens to people on tv shows? Does every woman succumb to social pressure and just fall in love with the guy, no matter who he is?

Mark then switched to the National Geographic Channel, which was playing a documentary on global warming. Glassy-eyed and slumped on the sofa, we turned off the tv.

It was Sunday night after all. There was only so much we could take.


Mike said...

Great picture! It is the same with the game shows on TV. If you are quiet or shy they won't take you. You have to be crazy and have and outgoing personality. They look for those people only.

Unknown said...

We're awash with reality shows too. They can get a bit boring after a while.

Good photo. A typical NY scene. Must visit one day.

Ineke said...

Nice photo!

Spandrel Studios said...

Aside from Top Chef, all these reality shows are getting sort of ridiculous - I guess it's partly a by-product of the writers' strike. I am just counting the days 'til the new episode of 30 Rock appears!

Kitty said...

hi Mike
Yeah, I'm sure you're right. It's too bad. All the quieter people will have to make their millions some other way.

Welcome Gail's Man!
I'm surprised Britain would have such things. Your ads and commercials and shows tend to be so smart!

Thanks Ineke! Nice seeing you again.

Hi Spandrel
Yes, I guess the point is to be selective. Nothing can replace a well-written show.

Fredrik said...

Thanks for your comment! It's black and white here as well I see. Love the view!
Is the third woman covering her face or did she get something in the eye?

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Gorgeous photo. I wonder the same. Who ARE these people on these reality shows. You can kind of understand the Top Chef and Project Runway people - btw didn't they used to show the first Top Chef immediately following the Runway finale? This time we have a week - as they are people looking to make a name for themselves in the industry and they don't seem that weird to me, but those Bachelor girls, or The Real Housewives of New York City or Flavor of Love. Ugh!! I cannot stand them. Mind you, you couldn't pay me to go on a reality show.

Anonymous said...

I was never around the cities much in my lifetime and was always around nature or the wild places. I look at buildings in a different way. How cold and inhuman they seem.

Thanks for your visit.

BrianC said...

It's called "Lowest Common Denominator Television." And it just confirms the views of those social scientists who currently lament the anti-intellectualism and basic ignorance of so many Americans. As for those "contestants" on the "reality" dating shows . . . they must pick them from a pool of party-oriented fraternities and sororities in which being vacuous is hailed as a virtue.

Kitty said...

Hello Fredrik!
I think she didn't want her picture taken? Funny!

Thanks Fish!
I'm with you. I'd be the rebellious one who'd walk off the set, not that there are any of those types. Freaks!

Hi Lincoln!
NYC isn't for everyone. It can be a very hard place to live.

Most people would take your beautiful starlings any day!

Hi Brian
I share your thoughts. When you think about it, it is all really, really sad.

Mark keeps saying he wants to move to Europe or Costa Rica as a result.

Mom Knows Everything said...

I couldn't be on one of those shows. Way too embarrassing. LOL! :o)

Kitty said...

haha, Tammy.

A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

Great shot-- I actually looked at the photo for a bit, on the bottom of my screen, before I scrolled down and read the post--and my thought befoe I did was, did she really take this photo, or was it a stock shot from a few decades ago.

Great shot, as always--and apt commentary, too!

(And Bravo! for the new top Chef season!!)

Kitty said...

Hi Tony!
Thanks for visiting. It's funny how dated color makes a photo. I guess it's the fashion aspect.

Top Chef was great last night!